Bad credit loans -Instant decision, Request a guaranteed small loan bad credit

Bad credit loans -Instant decision, Request a guaranteed small loan bad credit

Instant decision, Request a guaranteed small loan bad credit

Financial companies or banks that have oriented part of their offer to online subscriptions can opt for three types of “access”:

  • 100% online procedure which mainly uses the digital signature system ;
  • procedure for online loans without going to the branch but using the paper forms;
  • initial online procedure and then meeting in the agency or branch to formalize the request and deliver the documents.

The latter modality is the one that is becoming less and less frequent as it reduces the concrete and real advantages related to the convenience of a request for financing from home or from your smartphone on the move.

The 100% online procedure has the advantage of being safe and fast (for example there are no waiting times linked to the sending of paper forms) and it is easier to follow the process of the request guaranteed small loan bad credit.

Safe procedures

When proposing a 100% digital online loan, the lender must make use of the digital signature. This represents a strong, secure and reliable system for the identity of the applicant to be recognized and does not require possession of a Pec or a service card.

In providing this type of instrument there is a certain difference depending on whether it is a loan proposed by a bank, which sees the provision of financing as an additional or “ancillary” service to a current account or whether we refer to a financial company or even to a bank that mainly offers loans.

In the first case, the procedure to be followed starts and is managed within the specific area of ​​the internet banking service. In this way, the bank will already have information on the certain identification of the applicant at the start (the digital signature is as if it had been affixed upstream).

It is a method that can also be used outside the private financial circuit. In this sense, we find an example with the small loan of public employees that can be requested directly within the personal area.

Instead, in the case of financial companies or banks that focus on the offer of loans even to those who are not current account holders, the ‘real’ digital signature is used in very simple ways.

Do all online banks offer them without going to the branch?

The logical connection between “online bank” and the offer of a loan entirely on the web comes almost spontaneously. In practice, however, it is not said that the situation will be exactly this way. One of the largest online banks such as Lite bank, for example, offers the Orange Loan with a request for a quote and an online loan, but still wants the documentation to be sent in paper form.

Therefore, before proceeding with a loan request, it is necessary to check the type of procedure that will be followed not only in the application phase but also in the subsequent ones. Obviously all this must not be misled by the need to keep the attention paid to some very important aspects related to the actual convenience such as:

  • Tan and Taeg ;
  • ancillary and other costs;
  • compulsory or optional insurance costs;
  • methods of crediting and refunding;
  • presence of possible conventions such as Social Institute for pensioners;
  • conditions of any promotions or timed offers.